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It's your guide for the city of Leeds covering the hottest topics, home-grown food, independent businesses, the city's history and your local heroes. #LowdownLeeds

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  • 7:00 pm, Sunday 25th June - The Lowdown Leeds: Revisited (Episode 54).
  • 3:00 am, Monday 26th June - The Lowdown Leeds: Revisited (Episode 54).
  • 7:00 am, Monday 26th June - The Lowdown Leeds: Revisited (Episode 54).

the-lowdown-leeds-ben-1x1Ben Randm

Ben Randm is a tour de force of positive nature whose presenting style is to engage both the interviewee and viewer at home with a refreshing platform to enjoy. A stand up artist, DJ, creative writer & funk soul brother, Ben’s ultimate objective is to entertain and allow people to feel good and enjoy life.
Three words drive his ambition – love, live, laughter.

the-lowdown-leeds-kerry-1x1Kerry Maule

Kerry presents the evening magazine show The Lowdown. Aside to her television involvement at the channel she spends her time vlogging. You can check out her YouTube channel KedSaid where she pulls pranks, makes travel videos and goes head to head with her peers.
Before Kerry joined the Made in Leeds team she presented for Leeds Student TV and Leeds Student Radio at The University of Leeds. Kerry is an award-winning television and radio presenter, and has worked for companies such as NaSTA, the Media Trust and the BBC. Kerry Graduated in Broadcast Journalism in 2016 and excited to be part of the entertainment team at Made in Leeds.