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Presented from an attic above a pub, the series delves deep into the minds of Chris, Mickey and the rest of the Cool Beans Collective.

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The next time you can catch "The Cool Beans Television Show" on Made In Leeds is…

  • 2:30 am, Tuesday 21st November - The Cool Beans Television Show (Episode 6).
  • 1:00 am, Sunday 26th November - The Cool Beans Television Show (Episode 7).
  • 2:30 am, Tuesday 28th November - The Cool Beans Television Show (Episode 7).

One minute you might be blown away by the amazing celebrity psychic Graham Diccole and then the next minute be taking in some extremely insightful gym tips. Other regular features on the show include Extreme Challenges, The Welsh Whisperer and Big Bassy the Yorkshire Weatherman. Plus special guests such as Joe Wilkinson, New York Brass Band, Dub Pistols and Ugly Duckling pop up for chats and performances. @Cool_Beans_Prod


Having previously tackled radio shows, live events and comedy shows with great success, The Cool Beans Television Show is their first attempt at a TV series. However the gang did spectacularly fail in the laundry, motor-racing and Elvis impersonator businesses. They don’t like to talk about that though.